Listening to your own voice may sound like the click bait advice of a new-age tech

guru, but the simple sentence carries within it a complex philosophy. That is what

composer-singer Tritha S would like you to try. Having learned and practiced

classical singing for over 20 years, and tried her hand at the genres of psychedelic,

electronic and punk rock, she is on a mission to help people understand their own


The singer is in the city to conduct a workshop on voice control and singing at Harkat

Studios this week. The key lies in simple techniques — breath control, vocal

muscling and listening, she says. “Everyone has their instrument already, but not

everyone knows how to use it to produce a harmonious frequency.” These

frequencies, she explains, resonate with the portions or chakras of our body. “The

sound in our body is like a ripple in a lake and the relationship between our bodies

and sound is very important,” the singer notes.

Her journey through music has taken her through a 14-year sojourn in Paris, where

she tried her hand at alternate forms of music, including composing for a film,

Voyage For Change. In 2019, the singer was invited to sing at the prestigious

Cannes film festival’s Cinema Positive Week after the film was awarded the honorary

Coup de Coeur.

Of course, as important as music is the silence, she reminds us. “It is essential that

you spend some time in the pockets of pauses because too much sound can affect

the body.” Healing through music also forms a key part of her workshops. “I want to

teach people to use their own voice for their wellbeing. To help them connect with

their own voice,” Tritha reiterates.

In the end, it comes down to opening up, she tells us. “Most people think that they cannot sing. But there are not many who can step up and teach them to use their voice right based on simple exercises. That is what I guarantee,” she declares emphatically.

On: June 15; 5 pm

At: Harkat Studios, Bungalow 17, JP Road, Aram Nagar Part 2, Versova,

Andheri West

Log on to:

Cost: Rs 1,500