How to connect multiple desktop's in Windows 10

Multiple desktops in Windows or creating 2 desktops on Windows let you run separate program windows into different groups. For example, you might have all your important files related to one project running in one desktop, nd programs and files related to a different project running on another desktop. Microsoft added virtual desktops to Windows 10 for this multi-tasking functions.

Steps to connect / setup multiple desktops in Windows 10

1. Click on the Task View icon in taskbar. It looks like two overlapping windows. Alternatively, you can also use the Windows+Tab keyboard shortcut to go into Task View.

2.  Go to settings, Taskbar

2. Connect the hardware display and enable multiple displays

3. Windows will now create an additional virtual desktop you can switch to with the Windows+Tab keyboard shortcut.

Once your additional display or desktop is created, you can open new program windows in it. You can also drag a window from one desktop to another, and switch to the other desktop with the Windows+Tab keyboard shortcut.

Some shortcuts that which will help you to use Virtual Desktop more easier

WIN + CTRL + LEFT/RIGHT: Switch to the previous desktop or next desktop
WIN + CTRL + D:  To create a new desktop
WIN + CTRL + F4: To close the current desktop

It's a great way to organize and group files and programs based on when and how you need to use them.

How to connect multiple desktop's in Mac Book

Connect Multiple Desktops

You access the multiple desktop function in macOS’. It depends on your model of Mac and how it has been setup, there’s several ways that you can access Mission Control

  • Press the ‘F3’ key on your keyboard, OR you can use the ‘Control + Up’ shortcut.
  • Search and select the ‘Mission Control’ icon in your Mac’s Dock
  • Swipe-up on your trackpad with three or four fingers.

Mission Control window now will display all your open tabs, applications and windows, on the top of the screen you’ll also find all your desktops. The default setting in  macOS is of a single desktop, which displays as a thumbnail in the Mission Control toolbar.

You can create or add additional desktops, by clicking the ‘+’ icon (where the cursor is positioned in the following screenshot)

After you’ve created at two desktops, you can switch between these desktops by selecting the corresponding Icon / thumbnail in the Mission Control toolbar. To switch back to original desktop, simply launch Mission Control and then select ‘Desktop 1’ from the toolbar.

You can create number of multiple desktops as you want by clicking the ‘+’ icon, for example you may want to create one desktop for work and other desktop for all those unwanted things which keeps away from work; or desktops dedicated to specific tasks etc.

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